Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hubby gave me a dozen roses today, and is taking me to Makeda (Ethiopian food in New Brunswick, NJ) tonight! YUMYUM!

I just listed 2 new soaps on Etsy:

SCROLL (redesigned)... smells like birch and different woods.

MAMBO (new soap - using a fragrance Jon made at work!)... smells like papaya and mango!

Check them out here!

Have a fantastic Valentine's Day, everyone! I'll be soaping plumeria (another one of Jon's fragrances)! :)


Michele said...

Wow! I didn't think it could happen, but you have outdone yourself on those two new soaps. Gorgeous!

Anne-Marie said...

Papaya and Mango sound delicious and springy (as in spring, just made that up). I am loving the bright colors too!

Mary said...

Thank you! :)