Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Couple new soaps

Back to basics tonight (after a string of failed batches): a tuxedo swirl. I haven't done one in ages so I was pretty nervous about how my line and swirl would come out. It's scented with a fruity upscale scent with definite apple in there - I'm naming it Soho... the bottom is white with gold mica, the top is turquoise and magenta with a black/gold stripe. I'm happy with how it turned out... the turquoise could have been darker (less aqua), but that's okay - it actually looks a bit darker IRL than in the photos. I'm having the worst time getting colours right when I take photos... I guess I'll start tinkering in Photoshop to try to match the real colours.

Let's see how it looks in the morning... crossing my fingers!
I hope you can see the gold in the bottom and the stripe tomorrow when it's dry.

(the pics look kind of odd in this format - please click to see them larger/clearer)

And also a soap inspired by Pollock (with very different colours). It's scented with Bay Rum. I'm pretty happy with this one too... the blue is a bit duller IRL (strange mix of TD + blue UM so I'm not sure I could duplicate that colour). I ensured gel it so... no partial gel! YAY! lol

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mondrian gone wrong.

What is up with soaps not working out lately? ARGHH.

So I looked at the Mondrian soap when it was done and I thought that it was just ash... wrong. It partial gelled... big-time. The FO was running really hot so I put it in the garage so that it wouldn't gel when I should have just left it inside and gone with the gel. The other problem was that the lines weren't quite right, the colours weren't in every bar, the bars were WAY too big (8 oz each - but I can trim them from the bottom, so no biggie), and I didn't do the best job shaving off the top (I really need a good planer). Oh and I don't like the scent combination!

I'm not happy at all with it. I'm just disappointed because I was so pleased with it when it was wet. I know I need to just chill and say, "Lessons learned" and go on, but it's really irking me. Why do I obsess so badly over these things? Oh well... at least I know that with a few modifications, it IS possible to translate the Mondrian aesthetic to soap. When I get up the nerve to do so, I'm going to try it again with these things in mind.

Anyway... here it is in all its partial gel-ness... it looks a bit better in person, but not much, lol.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tonight's failure/lesson learned

Okay I can't call it an absolute failure. But what was in my head didn't come out properly. And that irks me to no end. Today's lessons:

1. If you have a hot FO (such as Green Irish Tweed), do not try to (A) swirl into it or (B) put very thin stripes in it... as those stripes will heat/thicken up and make you cry when it's time to swirl them.

2. If you drip a bit of soap outside your swirling area, do not attempt to make the rest of the batch match... cut out that piece and discard later. You know it's wrong to make more drips... so why are you doing it? STOP doing it... for the love of all things good - just STOP! Leave it alooone!

I'm going to try this one again as soon as I get some more Green Irish Tweed. And modify the design slightly (but still do spirals). I think it'll work... I hope it'll work.

Looks okay from a distance (I was going for a fade so I used 5 colours... 9 stripes in all... so no wonder everything set up - I was taking FOREVER!). The bottom is yellow/gold mica and is a lot more sparkly in the light.

But close-up, you can see where it got crappy... I maybe have 2 good spirals in the whole thing:

I'm kind of wincing at the fact that I'm posting these for the world to see, but I promised myself that I'd post the good, the mean, and the just plain fugly so that I can use this blog to remember what I've learned along the way. *sigh*

Monday, January 21, 2008

Recent soaps

Sorry for the crappy photos... they looked better on my computer and when I uploaded them, everything went crazy.

Film Noir:


Some older soaps within the following album:
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