Saturday, February 2, 2008

A path of blossoms... and Satsuma Orange

(Why do the pictures in Blogger look so dull when I post them? The pictures are vibrant until I upload them... I may start just giving links to my Photobucket instead - click on the links for better photos).

This is the reincarnated soap of one that died (Jon dropped the lid in it after I was all done - he was VERY upset and convinced me to try again immediately so I wouldn't have time to be afraid to do it). So this is the reincarnated one. It's supposed to look like leaves and cherry blossom-type blossoms. Today it looks about the same, but there are some raised-up lines in a couple of areas. The bottom layer is pink - approx. the same colour as the pink blossoms, maybe a little darker. You can see the "dead" soap in the background. I have to admit that after it was ruined, I said "screw it" and squirted the remainder of the swirl soap on top of it, to use it up. So that's why it's an explosion of white and pink tongue.gif

Full wet pic

This one we did tonight ... after a very long, bad day, I was happy to do a simple swirl. It is scented with SW Satsuma Guava and SW California Orange. It smells DELICIOUS and (like I expected) the fragrances reversed trace so I'm glad it wasn't a layer. It's a 20% SF recipe with coconut, mango, shea, and jojoba - just for fun. And Jon came up with the design for this one (I swirled it, but the design was totally his)... I really love the creative ideas he comes up with! :) Next time I might do the black a little thicker so that it isn't as wispy... one part was thicker and I really liked how that bit came out. I hope this one does well overnight - I'm not insulating it because I would be highly surprised if it tries to gel... I may have to bite my tongue though, you never know! I saw a few VERY tiny air bubbles on the top, but I actually didn't freak (big step for me, lol)... we did our best to shimmy them out, and I'll worry about them later.

Full wet pic