Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Couple new soaps

Back to basics tonight (after a string of failed batches): a tuxedo swirl. I haven't done one in ages so I was pretty nervous about how my line and swirl would come out. It's scented with a fruity upscale scent with definite apple in there - I'm naming it Soho... the bottom is white with gold mica, the top is turquoise and magenta with a black/gold stripe. I'm happy with how it turned out... the turquoise could have been darker (less aqua), but that's okay - it actually looks a bit darker IRL than in the photos. I'm having the worst time getting colours right when I take photos... I guess I'll start tinkering in Photoshop to try to match the real colours.

Let's see how it looks in the morning... crossing my fingers!
I hope you can see the gold in the bottom and the stripe tomorrow when it's dry.

(the pics look kind of odd in this format - please click to see them larger/clearer)

And also a soap inspired by Pollock (with very different colours). It's scented with Bay Rum. I'm pretty happy with this one too... the blue is a bit duller IRL (strange mix of TD + blue UM so I'm not sure I could duplicate that colour). I ensured gel it so... no partial gel! YAY! lol


Anne-Marie said...

These soaps look great! I love both of them and think that your dual colored soap looks amazing.

Marywibis said...

This is so cool to see how they look uncut. I had no idea! Thanks for sharing.