Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mondrian gone wrong.

What is up with soaps not working out lately? ARGHH.

So I looked at the Mondrian soap when it was done and I thought that it was just ash... wrong. It partial gelled... big-time. The FO was running really hot so I put it in the garage so that it wouldn't gel when I should have just left it inside and gone with the gel. The other problem was that the lines weren't quite right, the colours weren't in every bar, the bars were WAY too big (8 oz each - but I can trim them from the bottom, so no biggie), and I didn't do the best job shaving off the top (I really need a good planer). Oh and I don't like the scent combination!

I'm not happy at all with it. I'm just disappointed because I was so pleased with it when it was wet. I know I need to just chill and say, "Lessons learned" and go on, but it's really irking me. Why do I obsess so badly over these things? Oh well... at least I know that with a few modifications, it IS possible to translate the Mondrian aesthetic to soap. When I get up the nerve to do so, I'm going to try it again with these things in mind.

Anyway... here it is in all its partial gel-ness... it looks a bit better in person, but not much, lol.


Kallia said...

*poke* It still looks nice and your idea for this was great! What scent did you use?

I had this happened with my chocolate soap recently. Hot, bubbly soap in the mold. So, I put it in the garage and it partially gelled and turned into a stinky, alcohol smelling mess.

Mary said...

Thanks! I used OT Tonka Bean & Soft Sugar blended with OT Black Pepper... I should have known better. I'm going to try gelling the next batch because I've had 3 batches this week end up with partial gel. Blah!

Bryna said...

Mary: I am srsly blown away at the concept of this design! How the heck did you do this??? You are an artiste! :)

Zai said...

Girl, they look perfectly fine to me! I would suggest cutting them in half longways so that they are a little smaller. I love the way they look!