Monday, February 16, 2009

Had the BEST day in NYC!

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And... how was the day? It was great!

I went to NYC with my mom and my husband Jon, and we went to the Met Museum for 4 hours... yesterday we went for 2 hours.

See, we're doing this scavenger hunt on Wikipedia Loves Art - they give you a list of 50 things (5 categories, 10 subcategories) and you have to find pieces that match with them... you can do as many as you want under each subcategory, but you HAVE to take 2 pictures of it:

1. Clear shot of it
2. Shot with a index card with identifying info on it, next to the piece

We did Greek and Roman, 1/2 of Medieval, and all of African/Oceania. Next weekend we're coming back and doing the rest of Medieval, all of Arms & Armour, Etruscan (finishing up G&R), and "valentines" themes. :)

It was soooooo much fun. And do you know what the prize is if you win the Met hunt? You get to walk around the Walker Evans exhibit with a curator from the Met - OMG can you imagine? I would DIE to be a curator there one day (my dream job), and I'd actually get to MEET a curator from there. I want to win, I want to win, I want to win!

So we have 100 pieces so far (200 photos), and we're aiming for 200 pieces total. We have to compete with groups up to 10 people, so I want to make our time at the Met really count!

I'm not usually competetive at all... but I want to WIN this! :D Wish me luck!

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Aunee said...

How do you get such vibrant colors? Everytime I try to get such colors, I end up with blue or pink bubbles and colored marks on wash cloths!! I'm so envious! LOL!!

Lovely work!