Monday, May 12, 2008

You know what?.....

I think I AM going to graduate school after all.

Yesterday Jon and I took my mom to NYC and we went to the Met to look at some modern art. I took my modern art class in summer 2005 and I was sure that I'd forgotten everything, but a lot of it came back to me! I was worried my memory would suck, but I surprised myself. And I had a blast analyzing the art... it made me really miss undergrad school, where I got to learn about it every day. Museum-going is so much more fun when you've already learned about a particular artist, piece, or period... it's like you have a backstage pass into the artist's mindset or the historical period.

I don't know WHEN I'm going back to school... but I've made up my mind that I WILL go back. I really miss school... I know I'm a huge art history nerd, but I loved it. :) I have no idea what period I'd do though... I really enjoy art in situ (where it was originally located) and cool architecture so I'm leaning towards the British Isles circa the Middle Ages or the Renaissance. But we shall see!

A new soapie (made a few days ago, but I forgot to post it):

It smells like mango and cream... very yummy! Tonight I think we're going to make some salt bars... it's been a while so I hope it goes well!

My resolution is to update this blog as often as possible, so check back soon! :)



Helen said...

Do go to grad school! I am so glad I did. I'm in a competitive field (journalism) and it kept me ahead of the pack when I was job hunting.

Parallax Photo said...

It took me three years to decide, but I'm heading back to grad school in the fall, and I'm really happy with the decision so far.
Enjoy the search!

Amanda said...

Love your title...good luck with your decision. I would love to go back to school one day....


Joanna Schmidt said...

When you know it fits when it fits, it is wonderful, isn't it?

Beauty soaps!

BlossomingTree said...

Your soap looks great (as always)! All the best to you and your decision to go to grad school.

Traumschaumseife said...

Wow! This soap is looking realy great!

Greentings from Germany,

jpeters77 said...

Your soap is the most incredible I have ever seen!!!
I would just love to know how you do that! Any tutorials around lol.
I started M&P In January of 2008 and am now into CP. It is sooo addicting!
Thanks for sharing all your pictures of your awesome soap!!!

Magdoline Hammad said...
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