Saturday, May 3, 2008

Shimmy shimmy soap

Some recent soaps!

I think we're naming this one "Glitz" or "Glitter" or something along those lines. It smells like watermelon, strawberry, and cool fresh aloe. Very very yummy. I haven't listed any herringbone soaps yet, so I went with that design for this soap. The bottom is purple.

This one smells like lime, pear, and apple (maybe blackberry too) in a slushie. I'm really digging this scent in a major way. I decided to go retro in the design, because it's a bright, poppy scent. The bottom is pale pink.

Lavender... because we don't have a lavender soap yet! This is the most floral lavender fragrance I've ever smelled... usually I don't care much for lavender EO or FO because they're kind of camphorous, but I really love this one. I tried to make the design look like lavender stalks... not sure if I was successful or not. :/ The lavender and the white are too close in shade, I like a stronger contrast usually. We'll see how it looks cut. The bottom is light blue.


Joanna Schmidt said...

These are stunning as usual!

Emmy said...

I LOVE the green batch. But then, I love all of your soaps. They are all so artistic and beautiful. Great job!

Christine said...

I'm drooling over the pink batch. I love the color!

Abitoffluff said...

Nice Soaps! I love the pink one!