Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Curing soaperoonies

Over the past few weeks, we went on a soaping frenzy to end all soaping frenzies. Okay, maybe not to end ALL soaping frenzies. I hope to beat this soaping frenzy with another one down the road. :P So these are the soaps that will be showing up in our Etsy shop over the next couple of weeks, starting this weekend.

(Sorry for the so-so photos, there will be better ones when they're up on Etsy!)

#1: Using a pinwheel design... "Flutter". Smells like a spring bouquet of flowers - very fresh and lady-like, but not old ladyish/perfumey at all! Jon likes the smell of this one and he's not usually the biggest floral fan in the house.

#2: "Stiletto"... so named for its amber spice scent. ME-OW!!! I had a lot of fun with this scent... it's right up my alley! ;)

#3: Not named yet, but inspired by Monet's Waterlilies... these will be guest soaps and sold in sets of 4. Smells like a fresh waterfall blended with a watery floral... this could be a winning floral for guys as well as gals!

#4: "Sonnet"... a blend of rose, amber, peony, and mandarin. Very very pretty scent. This is a redesign of a soap we did before with the same scent that sold out (it's basically the same pattern, but with a layer this time).

#5: Not named yet... smells like a foamy freshwater cascade... it reminds me of Buttermilk Falls, NJ (a trail we used to hike at with a GORGEOUS waterfall that you could climb right up against). I kept that falling water image in mind when I did the swirl.

#6: Not named yet... smells like cucumber and melon, blended with honeysuckle, cotton, and flowers and fresh air. Very complex scent - not a standard cucumber melon at all. But we went with the cucumber melon colours (peachy orange and mint green) for the swirl.

Maybe this weekend we'll go to the Met Museum or MOMA (and bring a camera) and pick up some inspiration for some more soaps. And of course... blog about it! :) I really need to get better about blogging!

- Mary


egassner said...

Your soaps are so beautiful! I love looking in on your new creations!

Joanna Schmidt said...

So so pretty! Thanks for sharing...

Berry Blue Creations Handmade Items said...

I love your gorgeous soaps, makes me wanna get clean.

marina said...

who knew soaps could be so fancy? how can you bear to use them?

LoveMichie said...

You continue to amaze me with your soaps!!!

Lineberry said...

Very cool!

Chelsea said...

Your soaps are always so amazing (this is ChelseaW from the Dish, BTW :P ) And I've been the Buttermilk Falls, it's fantastic!

Biene said...

I can´t believe it - your soaps are alle a DREAM !!!
Very very beautyful!

Greetings from germany!